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Tulare Joint Union High School District
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ACADEMIES (Linked Learning)

In our Linked Learning Career Pathways program, our students receive career-themed, college preparation in small learning communities. We blend academic rigor with fundamentals, projects, presentations, and hands-on experiences.

Currently our students enjoy the following Linked Learning Career Pathways programs:

  • Academy of Engineering (AOE) - Mission Oak High School
  • Pre-Med Academy (PMA) - Tulare Western High School
  • Art Media & Entertainment (AME) - Tulare Union High School
  • Protective Services and Law (PSL) - Mission Oak High School

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College and Career Readiness Academies

Career Academies and Pathways of Tulare Joint Union High Schools

Academy of Engineering (AOE)

Art, Media & Entertainment (AME)

Pre-Med Academy (PMA)

Protective Services and Law Academy (PSL)