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High School District
Tulare Joint Union High School District
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College and Career Readiness


TJUHSD students will develop the skills and knowledge to empower them to productively contribute to a global society through meaningful and relevant learning opportunities. 

College and Career Readiness means students are:

  • Ready to enter college and do college-level coursework without remediation
  • Ready for entry-level careers that offer the opportunity for advancement


The mission of TJUHSD is to empower all students to graduate with college, career, and life readiness skills.

Expected Student Outcomes

As a result of being College and Career Ready, all students will know and be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to independently think critically, to organize and analyze information, to make sound decisions, and to solve complex problems
  • The ability to work independently and collaboratively with students and adults and to demonstrate appropriate character as well as cultural and social awareness
  • The ability to effectively communicate with a diverse population through multiple modalities, including verbal, non-verbal, listening, and writing while utilizing up-to-date technology
  • The ability to use creativity and imagination in developing innovative solutions applicable to an evolving society
  • The non-cognitive skills of self-efficacy, self-advocacy, self-regulation, academic motivation, and grit
  • The ability to set short and long-term goals; adapt to change; persist; and demonstrate social, cultural, and civic responsibility
  • The understanding that there are multiple pathways to success and the knowledge of how to navigate the post-secondary institutions’, as well as career and industry processes

College and Career Readiness Academies

Career Academies and Pathways of Tulare Joint Union High Schools

Academy of Engineering (AOE)

Art Media and Entertainment (AME)

Pre-Med Academy (PMA)