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Tulare Joint Union High School District
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Business Services

Our Business Services Department handles everything from payables to purchasing. We take our responsibility to manage taxpayer funds very seriously and conduct all business with integrity and transparency. We are happy to answer your questions or provide you with the information you need. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of our department listed below.

LCAP and Budget

In the state of California, education funding allows local school boards and communities to have significant control over how their funds are spent. To facilitate that local control and accountability, we work with the local community to develop an LCAP that allows us to provide services appropriate to meeting the education needs of all TJUHSD students. You are welcome to view and download the LCAPs and budget by clicking on the corresponding links on this page.

Business Services Staff

Vivian Hamilton
Business Manager
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Laurie Van Essen
Business Manager Secretary
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Daniel Cano
Director Food Services
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Janis Evangelho
Accounting Specialist
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Sandy Martin
Account Clerk II (A through E)
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Christi South
Account Clerk II (F through R)
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Cheyenne Ferreira
Account Clerk II (S through Z)
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MaryLou Correia
Account Clerk II (ASB)
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Melissa Arend
Payroll Clerk
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Crystal Barteau
Payroll Clerk
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